Company Overview

Message from the President

At Shiozaki Building, we are committed to providing the best services possible as a property management company for office and residential buildings. In an effort to ensure a comfortable office environment, we have measured and monitored air quality inside of the offices of our buildings every month and provided maintenance services based on the record for over 40 years. We assign our own staff in machine control rooms to provide each of our tenants with professional, prompt, and courteous services. In addition to providing comfortable space, we will continue to make every effort to improve disaster preparedness.

Apart from the property management business, we manage a 130-year-old winery called “Lumiere” in Yamanashi, where there is a wealth of cultural property. We were particularly fascinated by prehistoric pottery from the Jomon Period and established a non-profit organization “Jomon Science & Art” to implement research and preserve cultural heritage for future generations.


Reiko Tsukamoto
Director of Lumiere Co., Ltd.
Assembly member of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce
Academic administrator of the University of Yamanashi

Company History

1955 Tsuruzo Shiozaki, known as a pioneer of Chinese medicine, builds Shiozaki Clinic (three-level 640m2 building in Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku. (The clinic was originally founded in 1938 in Numazu, Shizuoka).
1963 Current Shiozaki building is built.
1970 Shiozaki Clinic closes down and Shiozaki Building Co., Ltd. is founded as a property management company. Yoshiko Shiozaki is appointed as the first president.
1984 Takes a stake in Lumiere Co., Ltd. and Reiko Tsukamoto is appointed as Director of Lumiere.
1993 Reiko Tsukamoto is appointed as President.
2007 Signs a food sales agreement with a Slovenian salt maker Piranske soline (
2016 Obtains a liquor sales license and becomes a sole import agent of Piranske soline.

Company Overview

Company Name Shiozaki Building Co., Ltd.
Address 2-7-1 Hirakawacho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0093
Capital 57 million yen
Scope of Business Real estate property management, Import and sales of food products
President Reiko Tsukamoto
Founded June 1970
Affiliated Company Lumiere Co., Ltd. (Founded in 1885,

Organization chart